Barracuda Bob Fish Camp is a "work-in-progress" venture that will give wheelchair bound children with muscular dystrophy the opportunity to spend some time saltwater fishing on the coast of Florida.

This is something few of these kids will ever be able to experience without this effort.

Their entire family will also be able to join in the fun and get some much needed R&R.


Caring folks who have helped make this dream possible

Muscular Dystrophy Information



When will you be in operation? We are hoping to be able to bring our first camper and family in by mid 2020. We will not be living in Carrabelle at that point but we envision 4 or 5 camp weekends that year. This is just our timeline of course, this will all be working out in Gods time.

This sounds like a huge undertaking. Are you both crazy? Yes! Definitely!

If we bring our handicapped child and family to the camp, what can we expect during our visit? There is not enough room here to list everything. Our goal is to have a facility that is well beyond wheelchair friendly. Your child will be able to navigate the grounds easily and take advantage of all of the activities we offer. As a parent, your experience will be up to you. We would hope that you would be able to let go of all your worries and cares for the few days your with us. We envision the camp being as rejuvenating and uplifting for the families as well as our campers.

I don't fish. Do I just stay at the camp while everyone else is out? Absolutely not, unless that is what you want to do. We plan to tailor the BB Fish Camp experience to each family. I will always encourage everyone to try the fishing experience but there is nothing wrong with just lounging on the boat and soaking up the sun. If your totally opposed to the outdoor stuff, there are many things to do in the area. You will have a guide or guides to join you for an activity that better suits you.

Sounds dangerous? Honestly, what's not dangerous? A trip to the store a block away from your home can turn out badly. If we live in fear, there is no way we can experience the many wonderful things life has to offer. Rest assured that every precaution will be taken to make each trip out on the water as safe as possible. The plan is to fish mostly inshore within a few miles of the camp. As we get better and better at this our strategy may change but for now that's the plan.

Is your camp going to be limited to kids with MD? Every well laid plan has a focus. When developing our camp, we are specifically considering the needs of MD kids and their families. We are always open to input from anyone who has a great idea for other groups and will do our best to accommodate anyone with special needs.

I want to help. How do I do that? Lots of ways. You tell us!!!! We are open to any and all suggestions.

When we start lining up campers, our intention is to have 4 or 5 folks from their community come do mission work during the week. We will be working closely with a Church or Churches in their area to help make the families trip a success. Our hope is that a family will build lasting relationships with other people in their area. These folks need support and people who care about them.

Please send me your questions and comments.