Roynda and Jimmy Hill - We bought our first salt water boat in 2007 and vacationed in Yellow Bluff, GA. Roynda and Jimmy Hill were kind enough to loan us their place on the coast, for what we thought was just a normal vacation. We had no clue that the trip would totally change what we wanted to do with most of our spare time. Roynda and Jimmy introduced us to the joys of inshore saltwater fishing. They shared their knowledge and even some of their prized secret fishing locations with us. Regretfully Jimmy passed in 2010 from cancer. He is truly missed by all of his friends and family. We expect to see Captain Roynda often at the fish camp doing what she does best, navigating the ocean waters and making sure everyone on the boat catches fish.

Chris Cook of Madison Studios - Madison, GA - Chris is one of the finest commercial artists I know. His fine art is awesome too. He and I went to school together and I consider him among my small group of best friends. He took my vision for our mascot "Bob" and developed the cool character you see on our merchandise and on the pages of this web site. Check out his business, Madison Studios if you need help with web design or marketing.

Keith & Lisa Glenn - When I started developing the character for Barracuda Bob I did a search for the domain and it was available. To my horror, I discovered late April 2015 that I must have typed something wrong on the search. The domain had been owned by Keith since 2006. Of course when I explained what we were doing, he immediately offered me the domain. I have a feeling that we will be great friends with Keith and Lisa. I'm looking forward to getting to know these great people.

The Untold Thousands - There are many of you who, over the years, have molded Candace and I into who we are today. We both have many friends and family members who have shown us and the world around them great kindness. We love you all and appreciate each and every one of you. Never stop inspiring!